a few words on my own work..

These images echo the great modern tradition that pictures motion, energy and flux. “Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space,” as Jackson Pollock said…

my paintings .. they bring out one of the most startling things about his art: the sense it is still in motion even when it has stopped; the feel of paint being liquid long after it has dried.

It is as if art, religion/spirituality and all belief systes, philosophy and science  – all human, socio-cultural practices come together in all these attempts to suspend moments of energy
… the splashy, fluid, stilled moments they wanted to record..  exploration and dynamic expansion, the actual flux of the act of  painting are represented, caught in the eternal moment,

eternity, the universal, the reality of many universes (multiverses) are caught – the endless big bang is caught in and outside time, both in time and space and at the same time

transcending time and space ,,….  motion and energy are caught, arrested and made visible


fluidity of being painted caught in motion
fluidity of being painted caught in motion

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