philosophy of science, art etc . continued…

Philosophy of art, science, etc

There is no such thing or scientific subject such as
‘philosophy of art, science, music, etc” in the narrow or strict sense.

Activities that are labelled as such are reflections on or thinking and talking ABOUT
(second order activities compared to the first order activities of DOING art, music,
science, and other) socio-cultural practices.
Philosophy (as love of wisdom) provides insights into and understanding of anything
and by means of such insights and understanding one MIGHT arrive at wisdom. Such
‘philosophical’ thinking about/reflecting on and talking about first order activities
and practices may or may not assist in ‘wisdom’.

The discourse  and socio-cultural practice of Philosophy, have like all discourses
and socio-cultural practices restrictions, norms, aims and a purpose. People  often
stray from these and do things that are unrelated to the discourse of philosophy.
The cross the boundaries of this discourse and attempt to make philosophy do what
it is not able to do. They end up doing things in the name of philosophy that are
meaningless when they employ language in ways that no longer make sense. Whatever
it is they are doing, whatever name they call it, is not philosophy in the strict
sense. It might be philosophy in the wider sense as when it is said “everyone has
a philosophy”, in other words an opinion.

ulrich  28/3/2015ag266a