A professor in the USA on my work

Insightful piece of writing. Your work is reminding me more of Chinese calligraphy now, the kind that Merton was playing with – all done quickly. As Life emerges from Formless Spirit, it becomes apparent to consciousness in an unadorned state. If I filter it through thought and emotion it becomes something else, something from the past, something from the patterns I can recognize readily.  Having done that, I try to take control of it without realizing that’s what I’m doing.  I put it on canvas, paper, a piano keyboard, whatever container that I can find to receive it.
Your “marks on paper” invite me to see a cityscape (perhaps?) before it has familiar pattern. All I see is an act of you breathing out. I can never “trap” it because it can never be more than air or a Rorshak blot onto which I project the past.
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