Top 10 Visual Arts Exhibitions in Europe This June

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to catch this month’s top visual art shows with two of our picks in an airy palace (Château de Versailles) and a well-manicured castle (Auckland Castle).

London is blooming with the work of contemporary artists including Julian Opie and Gabriel Orozco, while rock stars of modern art including M.C. Escher and Jackson Pollock are also on view in the UK.

In Paris, inquiring minds will do well to see an exhibition that weaves a compelling narrative on the encounter of the Spanish and Inca in South America or you could  immerse yourself in the secret world of prolific outsider artist Henry Darger, a janitor and dishwasher by trade.

Our top 10 picks for visual arts shows in Europe this month will keep your weekends brimming with creativity. Click on the LINK BELOW to see