Memphis Lions Club seeks artists to participate in art show


It’s not often local artists get a chance to show and sell their wares in a venue that’s free, but that’s what the Memphis Lions’ art show will offer next weekend in the city.

The event is set to take place from noon to 8 p.m. June 5 and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 6 at the Memphis Lions Club.

There is no charge for artists who would like to participate. The Lions Club will provide tables.

“We are hoping to see some local artisans display their talents and gain a larger audience for their works,” said Lions Club member and art show contact Steve Weaver.

Lions Club member Eric Schneider said the idea for the art show came about for the club when the DIA Inside/Out art program came to the city in April. He said the Lions wanted to get involved by offering an activity that would share the DIA program while also offering local artists a chance to show their work.

Schneider said they envisioned the artists both showing and selling their works, and perhaps even some interactive things going on where live paintings were being created or maybe a station set up where children could get creative with crayons.

“This is just to be art, no crafts, and so far our response hasn’t been very good but we’re hoping it will pick up,” Schneider said. “It’s free for the vendors here indoors at the Lions Club and we’ll have pop and hot dogs for lunch.”

Pat Marter, of Memphis, is an accomplished artist creating works in a variety of mediums including stained glass, pottery and mosaics. She’s planning to take part in the Lions’ art show and will bring along some of her stained glass and pottery creations to sell.

Having the chance to set up and share or display your art in a free venue is definitely unusual, and while Marter is pleased to take part in the event, she hopes other artists do the same.

“I’ve made so many calls and for some it’s a bad date or others just haven’t gotten back to me but I hope it works out,” she said. Continued…