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Get it in writing! Fresh Arts Contract Workshop 2014


Get it in Writing!
Understanding & Crafting Contracts
with Emily Watts and attorney Erin Rodgers
May 6, 2014
(For artists, collectives, and nonprofits)
*This workshop hosted at the Dance Source Houston Headquarters, The Barn (formerly Barnevelder).
The Barn, 2201 Preston St, Houston, TX 77003
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What Your Art Business Will Cost You

When you own your own business, it’s important to look at expenses as well as income in order to remain profitable.

I looked into various (not all – not even education or supplies and materials!) expenses for artists and thought it might be interesting to share the results. Feel free to add to our completely unscientific list in a comment on the Art Biz Blog.

Studio Space

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Freelancers Union Contract Creator

Establishing clear expectations before beginning work with a client will help you avoid conflicts and get paid — and a contract is the best way to do that.

Contract Creator is a tool which will guide you through creating your own contract and allow you to edit it to fit each job.

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NYFA Services and Resources

Presentation courtesy of Artspire, a Program of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).   By Eleanor Whitney

Program Officer, External Affairs, Fiscal Sponsorship.

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Four Key Secrets to Funding Your Business

by Walter Good. Chief Marketing Officer,  Courtesy of

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