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Using CaFÉ™ to host your call for entry?™, also known as CaFÉ™ is a Web-based service that allows organizations and administrators to easily and cost-effectively manage artist-application and jury processes related to calls for entry and other events. The service is especially designed for use with public art projects, artist fellowships, juried visual-arts competitions, and many other types of calls for entry.

Take CaFÉ™ for a Test Drive!
Taking part in an online CaFÉ™ demonstration is the best way to become familiar with how CaFÉ™ functions and how the system can best serve the needs of your call for entry. An online demonstration will give you an opportuity to ask questions regarding how CaFÉ™ can benefit you in managing and jurying your specific call for entry. A complete demonstration of both the front end (applicant side) and the back end (administrative side) takes a little over an hour—but can be done in less time if necessary. An hour allows enough time for you to learn about CaFÉ™’s tools and how your organization will benefit from using CaFÉ™. To participate in a demonstration, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and access to a telephone.

Ready to License CaFÉ™?
To learn more about CaFÉ™ and to schedule a complimentary online demonstration of this innovative system to administer your call for entry, please contact us. CaFÉ™ has several pricing options, one is available to fit your needs.