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PARIS.- From 2011 to 2013, an Inrap team realized a rescue excavation, curated by the State (Drac Brittany), at the Jacobin Convent, the future site of the Rennes Métropole conference center. Two years later, the ongoing studies have yielded new discoveries.

The Jacobin Convent, constructed in 1369 after the War of Succession, marked the victory of Jean IV of Montfort, the Duke of Brittany, over Charles de Blois. From the 15th to 17th centuries, this Dominican establishment became an important place for pilgrimages and inhumations. Approximately 800 graves were uncovered by the archaeologists, including five lead coffins. One of these contained a remarkably well-preserved corpse. Its study provides rare evidence for the funerary practices of elites during the 17th century.

Lead coffins and hearts
The five lead coffins, dated to the 17th century, were accompanied by reliquaries in shape of hearts.

Four of the coffins, uncovered in the church choir, yielded relatively well-preserved skeletons, some with a sawed skull and rib cage, an embalming practice reserved for elites.

The five lead reliquaries accompanying the coffins in the Jacobin Convent constitute a unique group of artifacts in Europe. They contain a heart and four of them have inscriptions revealing the identity of the deceased. Some of the hearts were enveloped in tissue and embalmed with vegetal materials. An analysis of the textiles, the vegetal species and some organs contributes information on the embalming procedure.

Louise de Quengo, Lady of Brefeillac († 1656)
At the base of a wall of the Saint-Joseph Chapel, the fifth coffin contained an exceptionally well-preserved corpse. The nearly intact body is that of Louise de Quengo, Lady of Brefeillac. This identification could be made thanks to inscriptions on the lead reliquary of the heart of her husband, Toussaint de Perrien, Knight of Brefeillac (deceased in 1649).

In order to limit as much as possible any loss of information from the decomposition of the body, a study was realized in collaboration with the Molecular Anthropology and Synthetic Imaging Laboratory (CNRS/Université de Toulouse), and the medical-legal service of the CHU of Toulouse.



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