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Bologna, Italy — (ReleaseWire) — 06/25/2015 — Contemporary filmmakers Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco have recently released their newest film Pocket Pass # 01 which is available on MethisMacs YouTube channel and ShortEmpire Films. The film is an experimental visual arts film that asks the audience to take a deeper look past the obvious elements. Pocket Pass #01 has been directed by Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco and the project is by Gabriele Tosi. The film was made entirely in Bologna (Italy) inside the exhibition space LOCALEDUE in May 2015, including the dismantling of the personal Folding Study of Nicholas Morgan Gandolfi and the personal Jenga of Fabrizio Perghem.

About the specific genre in which the film was created in Massimiliano Melis said: “Visual arts are a way to manifest the deeply latent concepts of people that often take a deeper look into our world. By means of Visual Arts and Music, college students taught how replicate critically on their own experiences and responses to the work of artists, craftspeople and designers and to develop their own arts data and preferences.”

According to the filmmakers, Melis and Tedesco experience the value of the video as a witness. They choose to do it with an eye hybrid and transversal not fully embraces the characteristics of a specific film language. While accepting the commission LOCALEDUE to make a film that would record the activities of space and investigate their attitudes, their product is therefore not propaganda of any idea or intent of the buyer. Rather it describes the dynamics and potential. Holding true to the Melis’s concept of visual arts the objective of the video is to urge the audience to take note of the substructure rather than what is happening on the surface.

At the beginning and the end of the film, the audience will witness the dismantling of a work and another about to be set up. The video continues to unfold and introduces the audience to a variety of different characters, each with their own unique attributes and actions. Pocket Pass is not a series of performances to be read with the tools of contemporary art. Rather a series of actions that help to create an air of playful seriousness.

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Massimiliano Melis is an Italian film maker and direct, he publishes his work on MethisMacs YouTube channel.

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