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F-selling fine art

Skills for Selling the Luxury of Fine Art


Selling art takes special skill that should be continuously trained and nurtured in your gallery staff. This article will highlight some important skills your gallery sales staff must have to sell a luxury like fine art to today’s affluent art collectors.

The Online Art Market and What It Means For Your Gallery

Art galleries have increased competition from all the online art platforms that have popped over the last few years.  Here we will look at the online art market, how art collectors are buying art online and what your gallery business needs to do stay in the game and remain competitive.art gallery ecommerce

Progress of the Online Art Market

The entire art world has been working to improve their business models to stay relevant and offer more to demanding consumers.  Auction houses, art dealers, artists and museums are all operating with a more digital business model.  E-commerce plays a big part of this strategy.  Today, art collectors are beginning to embrace buying artworks online without having seen the work in person.  Enormous investments have been made by newly established online art platforms, such as Auctionata, Artspace, Artsy, Paddle8, just name a few.  Over the last few years, many have failed and others are just beginning to see success.  It will like take more time before the real winners in this market are named.  Partnerships are forming to increase presence and services.

Overall the online art market is growing at rate that retail e-commerce experienced about 10 years ago.  This makes sense as art collectors are have had a decade to get comfortable buying a variety of items online and with the first real digital age generation entering the work force and buying first homes.  Many art gallery owners have resisted including e-commerce on their gallery website with the excuse that online buying will never replace the experience of seeing artworks in person.  Never say never…..

It still holds true that seeing works in person is best and is still preferred by collectors.  However, collectors are more and more willing to purchase works online, sight unseen, from sellers with good reputations, services and return policies.

Who is Buying Art Online?

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