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We are a search firm specialising in sourcing the best talent for a wide variety of arts businesses and cultural organisations. Working internationally, our clients include galleries and dealers, auction houses, museums, foundations, investment groups, artist and design studios, private collectors and public institutions.
SML was established in 2002 by Sophie Macpherson and over the years has grown from a London-based company servicing the West End galleries into a unique force in the world of cultural recruitment, with an office in New York and research support across the world.
As a highly specialist firm, we have a close relationship with all our clients and understand the specific and complex needs of a business operating in the arts. We have solid connections with some of the most talented individuals across the global art market and have worked with many of our clients and candidates for over a decade.
Headhunting and Executive Search 
Headhunting is often the best approach to fill the most senior director level roles, those that are particularly specialised, and when discretion is of the utmost importance. This bracket includes:
Managing Directors, Gallery Directors, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Global Heads of Departments.
Recruitment is a quick and effective solution for filling junior, mid-level and senior roles where the required skills and experience are more readily available. This bracket includes:
Archivists, Art Fair Staff, Artist Liaisons, Artist Assistants, Business Managers, Cataloguers and Researchers, Collection Managers, Conservation and Restoration Staff, Curators, Development Officers, E-commerce Specialists, Event Planners, Exhibition Managers, Fundraisers, Gallery Assistants and Managers, Operation and Project Managers, PAs/EAs, Press, Marketing and Communications Staff, Registrars, Salespeople, Specialists, Sponsorship Managers, Studio Managers and Technicians.
We offer a consultancy service for our clients who are looking for guidance, usually when they face a time of major transition or growth. We help to tackle the challenges our clients encounter when making big changes, encourage staff engagement and help to balance pace and quality.
As the leading specialist search agent dedicated to the arts, we have an unrivalled knowledge of how the art market operates from a recruitment perspective, as well as a clear understanding of the complexities faced by our clients in terms of positioning a company in this ever changing global market. This unique overview enables us to offer strategic advice when impartial and external guidance is sought.
We also have a fantastic network of accountants, lawyers, property agents, and communication consultants and branding experts, all specialising in the arts and we help our clients find the right support they need when expanding into a new location or undergoing a major change.