Online industry saving the lost art, making it accessible


For artists and designers, the days of having to schlep all their artwork to brick-and-mortar galleries, just to sell a few prints, are long gone. Today they can meet buyers from all across the world in virtual marketplaces to sell their creative work like digital art, photography, film, animation, comics, anime, stock images and more. They no longer have to invest huge amounts of time and money building their own stores as e-commerce websites have flourished which allow them to reach a wider market and sell their designs in a variety of products. It’s mostly free to set up, and the products are produced, shipped, and managed for artists – leaving them with only the designing to do.

Online marketplaces for authentic & affordable art are witnessing surging demand due to convenience and flexibility they offer to consumers and businesses alike. These companies are making the process of discovery easier and buying faster as they have taken a digital-first no-inventory approach to selling art. E-commerce is at the heart of this resurgence for domestically produced products in India that for years have had a hard time finding buyers. More importantly, these online players are empowering artists to take charge of their art business, and to not let others dictate whether or not their work is good enough to be sold. A majority of customers buying art online are under 35, looking for fashion and art they can relate to and that cannot be found in stores.