Art Vantage

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Serge Tiroche, co-founder of Art Vantage, returns to the podcast to tell us about his new art fund. Unlike most art funds, Serge tells us how Art Vantage transformed from an art collection he acquired into an art investment fund. He also explains why it is important, in an ordinarily non-transparent industry, to display the entire collection on the fund’s website. Serge discusses the advantages of purchasing contemporary art from emerging art markets instead of traditional marketplaces. Lastly, he shares his thoughts on the state of the art market and if he has any concerns about the economy impacting it in a negative fashion.

A Simple Process Tailored To The Arts

The Missionrequest

ArtRunners emerged from the encounter of experienced professionals who were frustrated by the complexity and opacity of the art logistics market, and researchers who found that this feeling was shared by numerous individuals and organizations in the art world – private and corporate collectors, galleries, artists, auction houses, museums and many more. Based on extensive research, ArtRunners is building an independent platform that simplifies the contracting and monitoring of art logistics services such as packing, transport and storage.

ArtRunners relies on technological innovation, streamlined processing, resource optimization, an international network of specialized service providers and a large community of users that share experiences. Our mission is to facilitate swift and efficient execution of art logistics in order to enable the future expansion of the art ecosystem.