Art (related) apps for you

How we made the Paper iPad appDeviantArt-Mobile-App-scr-010

This app enables users to sketch, write, draw and visualise ideas on their iPad and has been downloaded more than 14m times

How we made HaikuJAM, the collaborative creativity app

The app that encourages ‘jammers’ to collaborate through the Japanese art of Haiku has seen some unexpected uses

How we made Artory, the what’s on app for Plymouth’s arts scene

This arts data app benefits both audiences and organisations by offering users rewards that can be redeemed at local cultural venues

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How we made the DeviantArt Mobile App

The art community app uses an innovative grid design to emphasise artworks and give users the feeling of walking through a real-life gallery


How we made the cultural data app, I’m@app

Art lovers can access exclusive content on their phones when they visit some of the UK’s museums, galleries and theatres

How we made Performr, the art cruising app

Grindr and Tinder have transformed dating, so could an app that allows artists and audiences to hook up change the way we interact with art?

How we made the Magic in Modern London app

The Wellcome Collection’s app is a London treasure hunt for the amulet collection of Edwardian folklorist Edward Lovett

How we made the Artsy iPhone app

Designed specifically for Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system, Artsy is about making all the world’s art accessible