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Call for Artists
I believe that collecting art requires an interpersonal, trusting relationship, so I made it possible to forge and maintain such relationships live online. By following my passion I invented technology that replicates the activities of real-life galleries in real time, live online.
I tested the technology – it works and it is time to forge ahead with it. But before I embark on a global Social Media and web marketing campaign, I wish to add artists to my roster to make it even more interesting and attractive. To do so I need to expand the scope of my offerings – this is where you can come in. I would like to ensure that visitors find strong and broad selection – enough to entice them to stay, explore and acquire art from us (you & me). If you are intrigued please forward your portfolio for review including your contact information, relevant links, biographical notes, resume and 6-10 JPG images of your current work to
It is inevitable that the art world will eventually transfer a lot of its business to the Internet. Gallery Yoram Gil leads the way in translating the real-life gallery into live online concepts and tools. It is original and it is only the beginning. More tools are in development and feedback is translated into actions by a dedicated, visionary team with a promise of much more to come.
You could be part of it. I look forward to reviewing your portfolio.
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Yoram Gil – Founder