Ch 23: Contemporary Art

Ch 23: Contemporary Art

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About This Chapter

Students taking this contemporary art course can learn such information as artistic terminology, famous sculptures and the role of modern philosophy on art. The brief, yet engaging video lessons presented provide an overview of contemporary art in the Western world.

Contemporary Art – Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The multifaceted topic of contemporary art can range from early influencers to today’s digital technology. The lessons in this chapter examine painting techniques, artistic movements and highlight artists such as Picasso and Frida Kahlo. After finishing this chapter, you’ll understand:

  • What influences modern art
  • How literature and art impact art
  • The types of social movements that have effected artistry
  • The differences between abstract expressionism and minimalism
  • What conceptual art is
Video Objective
Different Influences on Contemporary Art Understand how culture and technology effect modern art
Influence of Philosophy & Literature on Contemporary Art & Architecture Examine the impact of modern literature and philosophy on architecture and art
The New York School: Relationship to Europe & Place in the Art World Explore the relationship between the New York School and its connection to Europe and the art world
Abstract Expressionism, Hard Edge & Color Field Painting Study the artists and the painting styles of Hard Edge, Abstract Expressionism and Color Field
Comparing Color Field & Action Painting Review the similarities and differences between action painting and color field painting
Comparing Techniques of Abstract Expressionist Painters Take a look at the differences in the way Abstract Expressionist painters complete their work
Abstract Expressionist Sculpture: Noguchi, David Smith & Nevelson Understand the characteristics of sculptures by Isamu Noguchi, David Smith, and Louise Nevelson
Comparing Contemporary Acrylic & Oil Painting Learn what differences and similarities exist between oil painting and contemporary acrylic painting techniques
New Realism, Pop Art, Op Art & Hyperrealism Study the development and artists included in the new age art movements of pop art, op art, new realism and hyperrealism
Pop Art: Imagery, Influence & Examples Analyze the collage art of Richard Hamilton, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, along with its influences, such as photography and imagery
Comparing Minimalism & Abstract Expressionism Understand what sets minimalism apart from abstract expressionism
The Autobiographical Iconography of Hesse & Beuys Explore the lives of Eva Hesse and Joseph Beuys
Feminist & Marginalized Art Movements Study the work of Frida Kahlo, Judy Chicago and other artists of the marginalized art and feminist movements
Theories of Conceptual Art Look at the artistic theories of Robert Smithson and Sol LeWitt
Contemporary Photography: Influences, Relationships & Examples Read about photography’s effect on modern art, video, marketing and documentation; explore artists utilizing photography
The Impact of Digital & Internet Technology on Contemporary Art Learn how the internet and digital technology have an impression on modern art
Lessons in Chapter 23: Contemporary Art
Comparing Color Field & Action Painting

1. Comparing Color Field & Action Painting

American art after World War II saw some great innovations, both in terms of painting techniques and goals. Explore two major movements, and test your understanding of their similarities and differences with a brief quiz.

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