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Timelines of Modern Art

The below timelines are used to graphically and logically illustrate the progression of modern art. They aim to educate and introduce topics using technology and the interactive capabilities of the web.


Modern Movements Full List

This section provides information about important movements and styles in modern art.


Art Theory and Art Critics

Art theory may sound like a complex, modern invention, but ideas about art are as old as art itself. The very first artists held some elementary ideas about imagery when they began making marks on the surfaces of caves – otherwise they wouldn’t have made them. Perhaps those ideas weren’t as sophisticated as those which have informed modern artists, but many of the most advanced artists today still hold theories about art which are little more than a series of unspoken, instinctively held assumptions. The writings of the critics and historians that are explored in this section sometimes interrogate those assumptions, but often they simply elaborate upon them and bring them to a wider audience.

This section offers several routes to an understanding of Abstract Expressionist theory. There is an overview of the movements’ key ideas, showing what it derived from artists that came before it, what it absorbed from the beliefs of its own time, and how its ideas have since fared. There is also a timeline setting out the major contributions to art and ideas in the America of the 1940s and 1950s. And there is a full biographical directory of the major critics and historians who interpreted and contextualised the movement, then and since.


Modern Art

represents an evolving set of ideas among a number of painters, sculptors, writers, and performers who – both individually and collectively – sought new approaches to art making. Although modern art began, in retrospect, around… Learn More


is best understood by defining the modernist ethos it replaced – that of the avant-garde who were active from 1860s to the 1950s. The various artists in the modern period were driven by a radical and forward thinking approach… Learn More