Arthena hopes to make a market for casual fine art investors online (Video)

Madelaine D’Angelo studied art and museums at Harvard, and spent her early career studying trends among art collectors before she decided two things were missing: The Internet, and regular people.

The 27-year-old saw a business idea in front of her, took it to the AngelPad accelerator program last year, where she fine-tuned it. Today it’s called Arthena, and it’s bringing the crowdfunding concept to fine art. It’s like AngelList or iAngels, but investors here are backing the startups of the art world, so to speak — undervalued, modern artists who are producing works that could rapidly appreciate in value.

For a minimum of $5,000, an investor can join up to 98 other casual investors to fund a collection of three to five works, which are sourced and acquired by expert art advisors. Then, the website will track the ongoing appraisals over time for the investor, and Arthena takes a percentage of the profits.img4130 750xx3264-1836-0-306

It’s not a complicated concept, but D’Angelo thinks it could bring big changes to the opaque, insular world of art collecting.

“One of the reasons I started Arthena is I wanted to give transparency to art investment,” she said. “It’s such a multifaceted world, and there’s a lot of kind of shady dealing going on.”

This startup wants to shake up the fine art market by allowing people to invest in a ‘mutual fund for art’

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