Online Gallery for Artists

With passion for arts Vishal Singhal and his wife wife Preeti Singhal started in 2014. Their mission was to create a robust online platform for art discovery and curation in India.

Even though there are plenty of online art galleries, Vishal says, “The competition is intense – online or offline. The fact that there are more online galleries coming up, it is a good sign that people believe there is a market in this space. But there are enough challenges one has to deal with. Having a good portfolio and credible artists takes a lot of effort and energy.”

Artzolo allows emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and sell their works directly to art aficionados who value ideas, quality, craftsmanship and originality thus making art more accessible and art market more transparent.

“Art revolution has always been subdued or has been limited in consumption by a certain group of audience. With more awareness and the making the discovery process of artworks in every range easy, it is becoming easier for people to consume art as per their liking,” says the MBA graduate from University of Toronto.

There are a few artists like Suruchi Jhamkar, Bhaskar Rao, Razeshwarr NP, who have already archived their works.

This art platform connects art buyers directly with talented artists, allowing them to acquire affordable and unique art pieces while supporting the artist.

In today’s art world, is it necessary for a successful artist be constantly creating content online? He says, “It depends on the artist and the persona of the artists. There is no right or wrong reason for creating online content. Some artists prefer to just churn good art pieces, whereas others wish to market. But it is a good platform as it helps release information about the content along with artworks to help create more awareness.”

Unique challenges

Clarity and details are very important for an artist to communicate with the audience. “Ensuring that they read terms and conditions and licensing agreements are other important aspects they need to keep in mind while sharing their work with three party players. They should ensure that they read and inquire about legal aspects periodically with their alliance,” he warns.

Art-world promotion

Social media has become an important channel in creating awareness.ArtZolo showcases artists from across the globe. With the exponential reach possible through social media, it has become imperative to use it as a medium. “We strongly believe that the internet will dominate art sales in the future. With more awareness and education, we are headed for more that in times to come,” says the optimistic Vishal.

Host of art reproductions and prints ArtZolo crafts along with a plethora of choices for home decoration.

The India Art Fair is one of the most awaited art events in the country and has, since its launch in 2008, established itself as South Asia’s leading platform for modern and contemporary art. The upcoming edition – to be held from January 28 to 31 next year – promises to be no different.

According to a press statement released by the Fair organisers, “The Fair is revising its mission and refining its programming to reflect the best of South Asia’s diversity in the visual arts. The Fair’s 2016 edition will mark a new chapter in its evolution. In step with India’s increasing cultural influence, India Art Fair is making a number of enhancements to its organisation, which include significant changes to its partnerships, internal team and gallery programming.”

The first significant change is the introduction of the BMW Group as presenting partners of the fair. BMW Group has made a significant contribution to culture, initiating over 100 cultural collaborations worldwide, from commissioned works by Gerhard Richter for the BMW Group’s Munich headquarters, to projects with artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Olafur Eliasson and Jeff Koons. In 2013 the BMW Guggenheim Lab – a global initiative of the BMW Group – Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation and the Guggenheim Museum, premiered in India at the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai.Another noteworthy event is the appointment of Zain Masud as the fair’s International Director. Masud brings her experience in the art scene of the Middle East, South Asia, Russia, China and Africa, alongside her extensive networks within the western art world. Prior to this appointment she served as Assistant Fair Director to Art Dubai for five years.

Also, in this edition the fair will be structured into five main sections: Galleries, the main section, will feature leading Indian and international galleries; Focus will show solo presentations that have been curated by participating galleries or institutions; Institutional will showcase leading international and Indian museums and art foundations presenting elements of their programmes or collaborations commissioned specially for the fair; Platform will represent young emerging artists or collectives from throughout South Asia, open to galleries and foundations within the region; and Projects will show artworks including large scale sculptures or site specific installations at the fair.

India Art Fair director Neha Kirpal has been instrumental in steering the fair’s unprecedented growth over eight years into the premier destination for art in the region. In 2011 Kirpal was joined by new strategic partners; Sandy Angus (chairman of global exhibitions group Montgomery Worldwide) and Will Ramsay (founder of PULSE Art Fairs and Affordable Art Fairs). She was awarded the Naari Shakti Puraskar for her contribution to art and culture by President Pranab Mukherjee on International Women’s Day this year. The award represented the individual achievement fo Kirpal as a female cultural entrepreneur and a leading force in the Indian art community, significantly recognising arts and culture and their place in mainstream Indian society.