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Current issue

Captain Linnaeus Tripe: The Unknown Victorian Photographer

CAPTAIN LINNAEUS TRIP carved a particular niche in the history of 19th-century photography documenting aspects of southern Indian and Burmese culture. As an officer in the British army, operating unde…

Nature Tamed: Impressions of Japanese Gardens

HAVING LOOKED AT many gardens around the world and pottered about in my own for a decade or two, I have come to feel that those of Japan and the British Isles seem to best delight the eye and stimulat…

Profile: Lalla Essaydi

HAVING GROWN UP  in Morocco, lived in Saudi Arabia, which was then followed by studies in France and the US, Lalla Essaydi finds herself in a unique position to create work about women in the Ara…

Sultans of Deccan India 1500-1700: Opulence and Fantasy

DECCAN ART IS having a breakout year. Although it opened on 20 April at the Met, curator Dr Navina Najat Haider has been compiling, researching, and anticipating Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700: Op…