African Rock Art Goes Digital; installation in Brooklyn records confessions


Uganda is one of 19 African countries whose rock art is to be published online in digital form by the British Museum, under The African rock art image project.

Painted rock art from Tin Anneouin, Wadi Teshuinat, Acacus Mountains, Fezzan District, Libya. 2013, 2034. 376 © Tara/David Coulson

The project started in 2013 and has catalogued around 25,000 digital photographs of rock art from across Africa. Originally it was from the Trust for African Rock Art (TARA) with support from the Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund, supporting charities and scholarly institutions that preserve cultural heritage and the environment. The project leader is Elizabeth Galvin, curator of the department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas of the British Musuem…

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Brooklyn — A new art exhibition in Brooklyn is getting people to open up – literally.

It’s called “The Truth Booth” and it’s encouraging participants to get deep and real about whatever is on their mind by asking you to complete the sentence “the truth is…”

The traveling art installation that launched in 2011 in Ireland has traveled to cities like Cape Town, South Africa and Cleveland, Ohio on a mission to engage and educate. It has since set up shop in Brooklyn at Metro Tech Commons…

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