Art Lesson 1 – teach yourself to really look and see

One reason why I paint is to inform viewers of a number of restrictions in their
world views, constructions of reality and of Self, their ways of thinking and perceiving.

One of the initial and preliminary steps for looking and seeing Fine Art and Visual Arts
(and of course to participate in this discourse or socio-cultural practice, not merely as
a viewer, but as a creator, an artist) is beginning to really look, in a rational, critical
manner at that what is presented to you in any work of art, your own or those of other artists.

To make people aware of how restricted their viewing practices in general, everyday life and
more specialized contexts (such as viewing art) are, is to present my art work – individual
work –

in different colors. I restrict this in many ways, I do not alter the tones, lightness or
darkness of the work, and merely change the colors.

The reason why I do this, as stated above is : to make a viewer aware of how little s/he
makes out of or bring to the art work they encounter. Obviously everyone has a vast amount
of baggage, suppositions and preconceptions (of art, and life, and culture – what something
must be like, what something must not be like and what something may be like)they bring to
every situation – such as interacting with a work of art. But, most of these preconceptions
and other aspects of the individual’s frame of reference are irrelevant and even restrictive
to the task or activity at hand – interacting and encountering a work of art.

The above sums up one, of the many, reasons why I present my work – one work, in different colors,
grey, sepia, black and white, etc. Countless other colors, shades etc can be employed, obviously I
do not have the time to do that with every work.
Examples of these restricted variations on the color of a work of art are here included.

Many more, can be seen on my site I merely give this link for
those who wish to extend this simple, preliminary exercise in ‘looking’, critically and
analytically looking, developing acute perception even in everyday situations. Analytically looking or viewing
– including, seemingly familiar situations and objects – in a thinking, self-aware manner.

Herewith an example of variations of ‘color’ of/on one very simple image.

ay61abcdefgh ay61abcdefghi ay61abcdefghij ay61abcdefghijk ay61abcdefghijkl ay61abcdefghijklm ay61abcdefghijklmo ay61abcdefghijklmop ay61abcdefghijklmopq ay61abcdefghijklmopqr ay61abcdefghijklmopqrs ay61abcdefghijklmopqrst ay61 ay61a ay61ab ay61abc ay61abcd ay61abcde ay61abcdef ay61abcdefgay61 ay61a ay61ab ay61abc ay61abcd ay61abcde ay61abcdef

Another example  – now make these variations in your head when viewing your own work, a Van Gogh, Mona Lisa etc – THAT is how I interact with a work of art.  walking in the street and other everyday situations.

ay57 ay57a ay57ab ay57abc ay57abcd ay57abcde ay57abcdef ay57abcdefg ay57abcdefgh ay57abcdefghi ay57abcdefghij ay58 ay58a ay58ab

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