What makes (or why are) a few painters great artists?

Question: What makes (or why are) a few painters seemingly great



Answer:  A catch 22 of at least two, major, interconnected factors

from the genre of painting in the discourse or socio-cultural practice

of Fine or Visual Art.


(1)  They experience (are conscious of, perceive, come across) new

universes  ( life worlds, realities and worlds) to explore, experiment with,

depict, express, re/present and communicate.’


2)  They devise and/or come across  new, often unique techniques, ways,

media, perception, understanding, insights to deal with such phenomena.


Number 1 affects number 2 and vice versa, in seemingly endless,

circular movements. This leads to to the creation of an infinity of new

and/or a development or transformation of existing media, techniques,

insights and ‘subjects’.

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