The Abundant Artist’s Guide to Selling Art Online.



Welcome! If you’re wondering what The Abundant Artist (TAA) is all about, here’s the three principles that we operate by:

  • The Starving Artist is a Myth that causes artists to abdicate their position of power in the world
  • Knowledge Dispels Darkness – we aim to teach 1000+ artists how to turn their art into a full time career
  • Authenticity in Your Art and in your marketing will lead you to build an art business that will be both financially and personally rewarding

We have a free email course that you can join called The Abundant Artist’s Guide to Selling Art Online. Each week you’ll get 1 – 2 emails that will walk you through how to set up the online aspects of your business.

If you don’t want to wait for the email sequence, you can start with some of our most popular blog posts here:

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Case Studies:

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If you’re looking for focused help, you may want to check out our courses page or one-on-one coaching services.


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