Intra-Philosophical Norms‭ ‬and other Limits Self-imposed internal and external

The philosophical discourse has a number of in-built values,‭ ‬norms and attitudes that create for this discipline.‭ ‬Creative-thinking and Intuition are discussed.‭ ‬Then some of the limits of the discourse are identified,‭ ‬some of them concern the methods of philosophizing.‭ ‬The positive aspects of the so-called Socratic Method and those of the Philosophical Investigations as Explorative Methods‭ (‬and metaphysics‭?) ‬are compared with those identified by Strawson as Speculative and Descriptive Metaphysics.It is suggested that the future of Philosophy lies in Theorizing.‭ ‬It is essential to view in the Appendix the articles concerning the Socratic Methods and the nature and processes of‭ (‬Philosophy as‭) ‬Theorizing.‭ Traditional Speculative Metaphysics, Descriptive Metaphysics, Explorative Metaphysics – their limits and potentials and the Socratic Methods. How to do theorizing, examples and details.Download and see entire book here for Free

Source: Intra-Philosophical Norms‭ ‬and other Limits Self-imposed internal and external