‭(‬Meta-Philosophy‭) ‬Why read philosophy‭?
(of original and‭ –‬creative thinking rather than derivative,‭ ‬academic,‭ ‬professional ‘philosophers’‭) ‭(‬Meta-Philosophy‭) ‬Why read philosophy‭?
(of original and‭ –‬creative thinking rather than derivative,‭ ‬academic,‭ ‬professional ‘philosophers’‭)

Ulrich de Balbian


Meta-philosophy Research Center



Meta-Philosophy and Philosophy’s rationale, aims, subject-matter and methods. https://web.facebook.com/metaphilosophyMPRC/

What is philosophy for the creative-, original-thinking philosopher? Why is he doing philosophy? Where does his philosophical problems and insights come from? Comparing speculative/revisionary metaphysics, descriptive metaphysics and the explorative ‘metaphysics’ of the Socratic Method and the Philosophical Investigations. Socio-cultural, psychological and other factors related to the doing of philosophy.

Comments on, or thinking through and with philosophical problems that cannot be dis/solved, Suber’s Meta-philosophy themes and questions, surveys of philosophers (and their believes) and Plant’s ‘On the Domain of Meta-philosophy’.