Experimental Philosophy – Male Orgasm

Philosophical study of the FEELING accompanying male ejaculation
(Experimental Philosophy Part 2 Analysis & Conclusions)
Orgasm (la petite mort) – the great equalizer of all classes and races
Part I was‭ ‬merely a short,‭ ‬preliminary study of the FEELING accompanying male ejaculation.‭ ‬The conclusions,‭ ‬studies on orgasm and sexual techniques are here included in Part II

Part I consists of‭ ‬10‭ ‬questions and one unstructured expression and/or personal description by the respondent of the subjective experience of the‭ ‘‬feeling‭’ ‬undergone,‭ ‬experienced or‭ ‘‬felt‭’ ‬during or accompanying male orgasm and ejaculation.‭ ‬Part II deals with the senses,‭ ‬sense organs or how they function as a framework to the senses,‭ ‬emotions,‭ ‬feelings involved in ejaculation and orgasm.

A philosophical framework,‭ ‬the survey results,‭ ‬interpretations and conclusions or rather‭ ‘‬suggestions‭’ ‬and insights are now included.